• PIPES - Pipes are MS A Class/ Galvanised Steel.
  • FRP - Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics are made of top Quality Polyester Resin of superior quality, virgin quality,
  • SWING SEAT - Is made of CR Sheet/FRP Seat.
  • MOULDING - Plastic moulded components are made up of Non-Ageing, Non-Toxic materials with U.V. Stabilizers.
  • BEARING - Bearings are of Heavy duty.
  • FASTENERS - Bolts, Nuts & Washers are totally galvanised.
  • FABRICATION - Steel components are welded by Electric Arc welding using ISI quality Welding rods. All welded joints are properly grounded and coated with an Epoxy sealant for rust resistance. All sharp edges and corners are properly rounded before painting. All sheet metal components are galvanised for rust resistance.

NOTE : Any design, colour and specification in our catalogue are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous R & D activities.